Not a Miracle - But a great heater., October 14, 2009
By  K. Noel

The reasoning behind the title I chose is due to the amount of people I hear thinking these are supposed to absolutely work miracles. More explaining to this below.

After Reading some of the other posts, I had to add my 2 cents to the pot.

The iHeaters advertised on right now are the older (Last Year) models. I bought my iHeater last year (2008) in December. I have to say that last years model was great for the heat, but was a little noisy. I saw the new model and called about it and they said that the noise issue was taken care on the newer model due to they put sealed bearings on the fans instead of the open bearings that were on the older model. I decided to sell my older model and bought the new model for this year and man was I impressed. It runs ultra quiet. The one post I read about the hair dryer freaked me out a little as that is completely different. These heaters don't take the humidity out of the air (A hair dryer will) and the iHeater uses that to it's advantage. Think about it this way, moisture in the air is always moving (Whether you can feel it or not) and if the moisture is heated up, then the heat is distributed more evenly and would take less to actually heat the space needed.

I used the older model last year to heat my 900 square ft apartment. Beforehand I was using central heat (Electric Heat Pump) and my electric bill was running between $120-$130 per month. My electric bill after the iHeater was utilized never reached over $60 for the rest of the winter and I never turn my central heat back on. I set the iHeater to the Medium Room setting and the thermostat on 70 Degrees and my apartment never got below 68 Degrees and that was on some nights that the temp outside was in the teens here in Kentucky last winter.

My father owns 3 of these to heat his 2500 square ft (not very well insulated) older 2 story home and 3 more to heat his 3000 sq ft (not very well insulated) kitchen cabinet showroom. He claims that he saves at least $300 a month by using these instead of his heat pumps. We are both happy with ours because they are saving us money, but I could see how it wouldn't do so well for some others. Some of it has to do with conditions of the use. I will say that by far, these will not take the place of insulation or if there easy ways for the heat to escape the location intended for use. Other factors people should take into consideration... Multiple Stories, Tall Ceilings, Cold Concrete Floors, Older Windows, Amount of Doorways the Heat has to travel through, Temperature Outside, etc. If the heat is escaping with your normal heating source, the heat from this heater will escape also. That is where the "Not a Miracle" in the title I chose for this review came into play. I rate this item at 5 stars because it is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. Heat my apartment and save me money. Whether it will do this for you requires a little common sense and not really expecting a miracle. When a heater says it's rated for 1000 sq ft or 1500 sq ft, that is based on the most optimal conditions. When have you heard of any company trying to sell their product do ratings on their products in the worst possible conditions?

I suggest that if anyone who reads this does purchase a heater or multiple heaters, to figure some overkill just in case of that extra cold unexpected day, or just to make sure to save the optimum amount of money as possible. Keep in mind that if one of these are running full blast constantly every day to barely keep up, then that is constant electricity being pulled, but if you are running 2 or 3 of them spaced out among the location, then the heat will be spread out more evenly and they will run alot less altogether than the one that would be running constantly (non-stop) all day and all night.

I personally believe these things are the best things since sliced bread, but I used common sense when I set my expectations for the product. If you think that you can purchase one of these to heat 1500 sq ft and the rooms are very chopped up and/or you don't have insulation above the ceiling or under the crawlspace and/or in some outer walls, but not in others, then you really setting yourself up for disapoint or just want to buy one to be mad about it and prove the person that told you about them wrong.

True Testimonials
Great little unit, November 23, 2009
By  R. Wink

What a great little unit. I wasn't expecting much to honest just something to help a little with the cold WI winters and the high heating bills. I have the 1500 model hoping to keep the living room warm on my 1600 sq. ft home. I was amazed how it did this and more. I have 3 bedrooms upstairs and as long as I kept the doors open it did a nice job of even warming them from downstairs. If people think you just turn it on and instant heat your living in a dream world. It takes time, not overly long either but it does take a bit. Very very quiet. Just bought another smaller unit for my daughter that she also just loves.
lowered gas bill, April 15, 2009
By  k seb (indiana)

My parents have a friend that sells Iheaters, so they got two of them. While they were out of the country I borrowed them. We have a tri-level home with gas water heat. We are currently on the budget plan paying 180.00/month and it is going up to 190/month. We just got a gas bill and an electric bill right before we set the heaters up. Our electric was 109.00 and our gas bill had we not been on the budget would have been 523.00 We put one heater in the kitchen because it is always cold, the thermostat for the heater is upstairs and set at 68 degrees, this kitchen is 64 degrees. We also set the other heater in the basement were we have a family area set up, this is 4 steps down from the family room that is also used alot. We did also have to get a couple of oil filled radiators for two of the bedrooms that are over the garage and are always very cold. We were finally warm in the bedrooms and kitchen. Needing to use a heater in the basement since the heater wasn't calling for heat.
We got the next months bills. Out electric did go up to 185.00 but I was leaving the iheaters on all night later discovering the built in timers. I them started tuning them on at night and setting them to come on in the morning. I work from home so I kept the one on in the basement all day. We started turning the oil filled radiators off in the morning too. Our gas bill, well..... if we had not been on the budget our bill would have been 221.00 A net savings of 215.00!!
We did have to give my parents the heaters back when they got back ( they have noticed a 100.00 reduction in their electric bill since being back)
We are picking up our two iheaters from their friend today and then we are going to go off the budget and put the savings away!!
most heat for the lowest cost, January 18, 2009
By  Jay W. Moffett

I have an edenpure infrared heater and I just got my iheater and the iheater puts out more heat. The bulbs in the edenpure last about 5000 hours and the PTC ceramic heat elements in the iheater last 60,000 hours with a 1 year free factory replacement warranty. More heat for less money. Just my opinion.
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