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Provide a safe, efficient, and cost effective solution to outrageous heating bills this winter with the iHeater 365. Right away, you’ll be convinced that this unit is as indispensable as it is good looking! The iHeater 365 will heat up to 1500 sq ft. with up to 6000 BTU and 60,000 hour life expectancy and is proven to reduce heating costs by 30-50%, operating for just pennies a day!

The iHeater 365 offers a breakthrough in comfort with an energy efficient design made to keep floors warmer by concentrating heat where it is needed the most. An adjustable heat control feature allows you to choose the square footage to heat from 500, 1000, or 1500 sq ft.  It produces even warmth, capable of heating up to 1500 square feet with no flames, no fumes, and no deadly emissions unlike kerosene or propane heaters. This unit has a humidifier built in which will put more humidity into the air thus transferring heat much more effectively. It also has a UVC lamp that will kill bacteria up to 99.99% in 0.1 seconds while the air flows around the UVC lamp and plasma cluster ions that come out of the heater to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew in and around the room effectively with strong oxidation power. And because infrared heat is not a fire hazard, it is completely safe to operate around children and pets! The iHeater 365 always stays cool to the touch and Shuts off AUTOMATICALLY if tipped over.

The iHeater 365 blends right in to any décor with a versatile cabinet style design perfect for use as an end table beside the sofa, the bed, or your favorite easy chair! And because the iHeater runs whisper quiet, you're not disturbed by the annoying drone of a loud fan while relaxing. Each function on the iHeater 365 can be controlled separately so that the multifunction heater can be used year round and has an LCD display showing all functions and conditions of the heater. 

Trust the iHeater 365 to be the ultimate solution for supplemental heating. Trust to provide effective solutions for everyday living - with service that will keep you coming back!
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Heats up to 1500 square feet for $1/day
Adjustable 500, 1000, or 1500 Sq. Ft. room size
Advanced Technology Infrared Heating Elements (No Bulbs)
Powerful infrared PTC element
Commercial Grade Thermostat
Advanced tip over protection (Shuts off automatically if tipped over) 
Cannot start fire
Safe around kids or pets
No Flames, fumes or deadly carbon monoxides (unlike kerosene or propane heaters)
Built-in 26 Ounce humidifier, efficiently uses approximately just 1 ounce per day.
HEPA filter removes the particulate from the air with high efficiency
Advanced PCO (Photo Catalyst Oxidation) cell will decompose odors
The timer setting for heater and purifier goes up to 12 hours
Heats Multiple rooms
Decorative Cabinet
LIFETIME washable air filter
Cuts heating bill up to 50%
Operates on just Pennies A Day! 
Color: Wood Grain 
Remote control included 
Dimensions: 17" High x 16" Wide x 13" Deep 
6 foot cord length 
BTU's: 2,000-6,000 
Powerful infrared PTC element 
Uses standard 115v outlet with ground 
Commercial grade thermostat 
Watts: 500, 1000, or 1500 depending on the setting 
Amps: 12.5 at start up, 11-12 first few minutes, 6-7 once warm 
60,000 hour life span - 9 years if used non-stop or about 15 winters 
26 oz. Humidifier Reservoir 
HEPA filter removes the particulate from the air with high efficiency 
Advanced PCO (Photo Catalyst Oxidation) cell will decompose odors 
Item Weight:  22.00 LB 
Dimensional Weight:  28.00 LB 
Model: IH365 

How the iHeater Works...

Air is drawn into the iHeater with an extra quiet fan from the back of the unit through a lifetime reusable filter. The air is passed over the PTC Quartz Infrared Heating Element where it is gently heated and transferred to the specially cured copper plates near the air outlet. From the copper plates, the infrared heated air is transferred to the moisture molecules in the air and then from molecule to molecule, evenly heating objects in the area.

The iHeater heats the room evenly from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. All heated air eventually rises but Infrared heat does it slowly and evenly with only a few degrees difference from floor to ceiling.

The latest technology uses PTC Quartz Titanium Oxide coated metal elements that are practically unbreakable and produce safe, soft infrared heat for a minimum of 60,000 hours! The only moving part in the iHeater is the sealed bearing, extra quiet squirrel cage fan. You don’t have to wait for the iHeater to cool down before moving it and this is made easy with commercial grade caster wheels.

One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty / optional 3 year upgrade available...