Warranty Information

All 2009 HeatSmart are under a 3 year manufactures warranty (from original purchase date) covering parts, and labor.
After contacting, www.heatershack.com Pre-Paid shipping labels* will be sent to you in the US mail from SCI Resource Partners. You will be billed for our volume discount UPS rate. Please allow 2 - 3 business days to process labels, and 7 business days for labels to reach you via USPS mail.  Please follow the instructions that come with the labels.  It is the customers responsibility to get the unit to a UPS Courier. 

Any further damages that occurs due to improper packaging, and is not mentioned in the original service ticket, will be the customers responsibility
Units may take up to a week to service due to parts availability
You may be given the option to purchase a new shipping box (needed due to normal wear and tear from shipping) for a $5.00 charge

Shipping Instructions

Package the product using the original packaging

If the original packaging is not available, have a shipping company package the product
The product must be packaged to meet UPS standards in order to be insured
Any damaged that occur due to improper packaging will be the customers responsibility
NOTE: A re-packaging fee of $20.00 will be charged to the customer for improperly package
products (a $10.00 charge will be issued if original foam is included but not in original box)

Place the instructions and the attached return label (if included) in the box with the product

Keep a copy of all tracking numbers for your records
NOTE:  A fee of $15.00 will be charged if the return shipping label and the instructions are
not kept with the product being serviced
Place the UPS label that is addressed to the service center on the packaged product and
drop it off at any UPS dropoff location

Phone number for UPS shipping information:  1-800-742-5877
Please visit www.ups.com for a list of dropoff locations

Warranty Information
If you are Not under warranty and would like your unit serviced
Please Click Here to fill out the Service Request Form
If you are under warranty and would like your unit serviced
Please Click Here to fill out the Service Request Form
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