Infrared Technology

Nature heats and warms the earth through the heat of
the sun - Much of this heat of the sun ends up in the oceans of
the earth. Along the way, these currents transport warmth to the land which otherwise would be incredibly cold. Heat is actually stored in water molecules.

The Heat Smart™ heater system uses this same concept, more so that any other heating system. The moisture heat molecules are transferred to air molecules, which are gently carried in by the currents to warm the land, or in our case, to warm you and
your home.

The sun generates light rays, which create various types of heat, including Infrared Heat. Infrared heat uses short light ray that penetrates objects including people. People in the room feel the heat quickly and even at lower room temperature feel more comfortable. Because objects in the room are warmed, the room stays warm for a longer time period. This heating system becomes very cost effective.
The Heat Smart™ heater uses super quite fans to draw air into the heater through a lifetime washable filter. Filtered air passes over, around and through the patented Heat Smart™ convection-style heat chamber that uses infrared light rays from the six quartz elements to gently and continually heat the air. The infrared heat is transferred to moisture molecules in the air and then passed from molecule to molecule, evenly heating the room, while maintaining the moisture in the air. This moist heat is healthier, as well as therapeutic. More on Environmentally Friendly

The infrared heater is safe operates around children and pets. In fact, the outside of the Heat Smart™ cabinet never gets hot to the touch.

This heat is dispersed from the heater as moderate and long-lasting warmth. The heat penetrates the humidity in the air and rides it throughout the room. The humidity renders the heat heavy and this keeps it in the room at lower levels where people are for a longer time. This heavy heat spreads out more evenly instead of hovering at the ceiling. Infrared heaters retain humidity and will not dry the air. By contrast, combustion and heat resistant systems produce hot heat that quickly rises to the ceiling, and out of the reach of your living space; these systems product dry heat, removing the moisture from the air. All of these factors make other systems inefficient and more costly. See Illustration of how Infrared Heat is different than other types of heat in your home…

By adopting the technology that emulates the natural heating system of the earth, consumers can experience lower costs and greater energy efficiency. See more about why buy Heat Smart

•“Heat the rooms you spend time in, not the whole house”.
Our infrared heater gives you a choice of how much of your home you want to heat. With most central heating systems you have to heat your whole house whether you’re using all the rooms or not.
•Infrared heat conveys heat better than hot air. By heating occupants and their surroundings, infrared heat allow you to feel warmer even at lower room temperature and for a longer period of time.
•Personal radiant heaters… Make you feel more comfortable at a lower room temperature.

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